Crossword #2

-Prepared by Tony Sebastian

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1 The last furs of rabbits? (4,6)

6 Eye problems that a pig may have? (4)

9 What starts of as fun may be tragic in real time. (7)

10 It is permissive for one to get into a Nitrogen molecule on the edges of the limit. (7)

12 A river with hesitation becomes a banner? (8)

13 A farming vehicle with 40% tread worn out can be a performer! (5)

15 How Pendu finish. (3,2)

17 The timbre of a singing voice or an instrument (American English). (4,5)

19 O hurl two Footballs confused? Amateur mistake may be. (4,5)

21 Not doing well? You better pull these up. (5)

23 A profound thought put together can entertain. (5)

24 Injuring with copyright can be delighting. (8)

27 The area of old pan with selenium coating on the bottom. (7)

28 Alligator tureen can cause extreme anguish. (7)

29 Describing incidents, Cats love this! (4)

30 Finish hearing device repair, we hear, for affection. (10)


1 Tall Finn if included causes an argument! (4)

2 On fire, what the President’s mind might be. (7)

3 EEE around Rhode Island can be mysterious. (5)

4 A member of the Cervidae family around a boundary can mark the beginning or end of a unit of data. (9)

5 A king according to scale? (5)

7 A messed up Natural alternative which is not naïve can be a drug. (7)

8 Come in at a cost into an organisation, we hear. (10)

11 Subtleties those MANU ancestors left behind? (7)

14 Y’see last (thing) Famous Five and other heroes are interested in. (4, 6)

16 Patterson forgets half a song? That’s his customary behaviour! (7)

18 A recent palace is not the ideal place to carry a particular Carbon fossil fuel to. (9)

20 American and Russian in Peru confused about who will carry out the coup? (7)

22 Pull a rabbit out of the hat to cure Jon? (7)

24 What Monica would like a floor to be. (5)

25 Simpler or plainer. Comparative of what kind of a toy Jack with all play and no work might be. (5)

26 Whack something around the waist? (4)